Assurance without attention

Every new technology yells at us to "Pay attention to me!" But just because you have solar on your roof doesn't mean you have to be a solar expert, much less have one more thing to check every day. An average residential system produces $120-160/month in credits (much more for large commercial systems!). That means a two week lapse of attention can cost $80 or more in the summer months. Then there's the hassle of calling the company to see what the issue is, how to fix it, and what it will cost.

We can take care of all of that.

We'll check it every day

for significant variations from what we expect. Then we'll go into investigation mode to find the issue. We may not even need to bother you other than to let you know we took care of it. If something does need onsite attention, we'll happily walk you through the steps on the phone or schedule a visit with a local service company.

Yes, solar is low maintenance.

Maybe TOO low maintenance.

You can forget about it entirely until you realize you've eaten up all the credits that were supposed to last all winter. Now you owe $400. Statistically, most systems have at least one fault every 4 years. There are many reasons why your solar could lose production or go out entirely. A blown fuse, a tripped breaker, a bad wire connection, squirrells! (general rodent mayhem), dirty panels, or a faulty inverter.

Do you really want to spend your time
constantly checking your solar?