Keep your customers happy!

Our founder, Joey Crane, managed a large fleet of solar arrays and all too frequently got comments like: "My system has been down for 2 months and I didn't even know it! I thought you guys were paying attention!" Most installation companies must clearly tell their customer that they are responsible for watching their system. There isn't a good method for one person to watch many systems at once. It's cumbersome and frequently is the last priority at a company trying to keep up with installation deadlines.

Now imagine:

Unloading all that pressure while getting recurring revenue to cover the cost of your service team.

That's what we do.

We aggregate data from across many solar monitoring platforms to make sure the systems are performing as they should. If not, we try to fix it remotely. If it's simple like an internet connection or tripped breaker, we can call the customer on your behalf to resolve the issue and let you know we took care of it. If it needs a visit, we will give you a detailed service request with error codes, part numbers, and significant information to make the visit a success. Even better, depending on the customer's plan, we may even pay you for the visit. You keep your brand and get all the credit for the excellent service you provide.

Contact us if you want to shed responsibility, keep your customers happy, and
get paid for your service calls.

Then breathe a sigh of relief.